Netizens worldwide are now talking about the awkward moment when host Steve Harvey announced the wrong Miss Universe title holder. Harvey proclaimed Miss Columbia as the Miss Universe 2015, and for four minutes Ariadna Gutierrez of Columbia wore the sash and the crown proudly until Harvey apologized for his grand mistake.

Harvey was quick to take all the responsibility of the mixed up announcement, yet many knew that it was too late as the embarrassment was already beheld on the stage for the world to see. Miss Columbia was waving to the other countries’ representatives, when Harvey apologized and admitted that there had been a mistake. Shocked, Miss Columbia look at him with confusion.

That Moment When Steve Harvey Announced the Wrong Winner in Miss Universe 2015
Harvey showed the audience the card bearing the name of the winner and it clearly showed Miss Philippines won the title. Meanwhile, at the far corner of the stage, Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach was standing beside Miss USA looking surprised with the sudden announcement. She initially seemed confused and unsure on what to do but gracefully handled the situation and took the spot next to Miss Columbia to wait for her hard earned crown and sash.

Cheers from the fans had filled the place as the truth sinks in. The exiting 2014 Miss Universe who also was a representative of Columbia awkwardly took the crown from Gutierrez and put it on Miss Philippines’ head. After the pageant, Harvey personally apologized to Wurtzbach as she was unable to enjoy her winning moment as most winners traditionally does. The host also posted his apologies on Twitter.
When asked about the mistake, Wurtzbach just laughed it off and shared that she thought it was untraditional. Netizens are quick to debate about Harvey’s mistake. Many shared that Philippines won fair and square as she aced the swimsuit and evening gown portion, and even smartly answered the two questions presented to her. Others voiced out that it was unfair for Miss Columbia to be embarrassed in live television.

Miss Universe organizers posted on its official Facebook page that it was the host’s honest mistake and such could happen in live television. The message also apologized to Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines.

Netizens praised how graceful Miss Philippines seemed to accept defeat on the first announcement, thinking that she did not win the crown, yet she also seemed humble when she was announced as the real title holder of Miss Universe 2015.

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