Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte recently admitted that he killed 1700 people in Davao who are criminals. He made this remarked when the International Organization Amnesty International warned him for his alleged killings and unfair human rights.

Duterte slam the organization by saying what is their problem and it was just a black propaganda by Congressman Prospero Nograles who is a former speaker and a rival of the mayor. The November 2015 SWS survey shows that Duterte is on the lead with 38% percent of votes. He was admired for his stance on anti-crime hence he was dubbed by Time Magazine as "The Punisher" but he was also criticize by his alleged killings.

Gab Valenciano on His Controversial Post: Would You Hire a Murderer to Take Care of your Kids?
Two of his critics is former Justice Secretary Leila de Lima and the government organization Commission on Human Rights. A witness revealed that Duterte has connections on the Davao Death Squad. The mayor didn't directly answered this issue but he admitted that he killed the kidnappers of a chinese girl who was return in Davao City after raping her in another province. He also revealed that he has two wives and two girlfriends. As a standard bearer of PDP-LABAN he said that he was always attacked on allleged killings and it was true and even the people of Davao knows about this.

Wisdom. Pure wisdom. Respect for Kitchie has quintupled. Would you hire a murderer to look after your kids? Would you...
Posted by Gabriel Valenciano on Sunday, December 6, 2015
When Duterte revealed this, several celebrities commented about it like Gab Valenciano who said that he respect Duterte's honesty but cannot support his morality. With this, he got mixed reactions from the netizens but he didn't regret what he said. With the power of social media on this generation, everyone has a freedom to voice out their opinions.

 It may be good or bad. On Valenciano's case, he just gave an opinion on what he thinks about Duterte. If you are going to give an opinion or suggestion through your social media regarding what topic it is, you must stand by it and think before you click.

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