UFC star Ronda Rousey faced defeat as Holly Holm launched a solid kick to her head. Rousey fell straight to the mat after the head kick and received consecutive blows from the opponent thereafter, knocking her out into the second round of UFC 193 Bantamweight Championship.

Dana White said that Rousey was sent to the hospital right after she got knocked out because of concussion and the cut on her face. She even added that Rousey has bummed out and depressed. Furthermore, White complimented Holm as she was 'the right fight' and that Rousey had never fought anyone like Holm who uses length and distance. These moments made the fights crazy and fun, as per the UFC Lady boss. Dana White even said that this fight had broken a lot of records including the 56,214 official crowd count, exceeding the previous UFC 129 record of 55,724 in Canada way back April 2011.

Ronda Rousey was knocked out by Holly Holms losing her Bantamweight title
In an after-fight interview with Holly Holm's coach, Mike Winkeljohn, he said that Rousey did not miscalculate her charges to the famous boxer and kickboxer opponent, it was just the latter was simply an intellectually superior fighter. He even added that Holly was just at another level when it comes to intellect, an advantage that took the title from Rousey.

According to Winkeljohn, although he did not expect that the fight will only last that short, he was not surprised by the results because Holm has not purposely shown her real strength yet. He said, "Footwork is always the key for Holly Holm in her fights and Holly has held back a bit in the past and that was all part of the plan."
Holms indeed made a difference by landing 38 of 53 strikes that she had blown (72%) while Ronda only marked (30%) by 21 of the 69 attempted charges.

Next to Ronda Rousey, Holly Holms placed the second female bantamweight champion in UFC History, taking over one of the 6 consecutive titles of Rousey's.

Holly Holms proudly welcomed a rematch.

Meanwhile, Commentator Joe Rogan expressed his disappointment about the fight, stating that Rousey's loss was the biggest upset in the history of MMA.

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