Kim Chiu defended herself after a Twitter follower asked her about the video that was circulating on Facebook showing her allegedly skipping the line of registrants. In the video posted by Facebook user, KupalLord, Kim Chui is seen signing her registration papers and attaching her thumb prints. A man who seemed irate said that she had cut the line and when someone told him that it was the actress he said he did not care who she is.

Actress Kim Chiu Statement Regarding the Issue of Cutting the line During Voter's Registration
The video was accompanied by a caption saying that the video shows the voter’s registration in Marikina. When the registration started, Kim Chiu had skipped the line. People were in line waiting for their turn. The complainant also accused the COMELEC for letting a celebrity cut the line.

The man also asked the women behind the desk why they had let the actress register without following the procedure of lining up with the other registrants, but he was given with vague answers. The women said that they had opened their registration at 11am, but the man said that they were told that the registration starts at 8am.

GALING SA INBOX: KAPAG ARTISTA, PWEDE NA LAHAT!Nangyari ang insidenteng ito noong oktubre 27, 2015. Matagal naghintay ang mga tao sa isang lugar sa Marikina para makapag parehistro sa darating na botohan. Noong nag sisimula na ang processing, may biglaang dumating na artista itago na lang natin sa pangalang "Kim Chiu" (hahaha) So ayun dahil artista nga hindi nya na kailangan pumila. Nakakaawa yung mga taong naghintay makapag parehistro ng maaga lalong lalo na yung mga matatanda parang tinaboy lang para paunahin si Tsinita Princess. #OnlyinthePhilippines"Pag artista ka di ka na kailangan pumila!!! dito lang yan sa comelec marikina.Pati senior citizens kawawa sa kanila. Comelec chairman ayusin mo naman mga bata mo."- Complainant (Fred L.)
Posted by Kupal Lord on Wednesday, November 11, 2015
As a response, Kim Chiu said that her RM (Road Manager) was the one who actually lined up for her. She was actually at the site since 7:30 in the morning for the registration. When it was her turn for the registration, that was when she went out of her vehicle to register herself as a voter. She further posted that people should not easily judge what they see as the story could be very different.

The video now has almost 2 million views with more than 39,000 likes and has been shared more than 38,000 times. Some netizens pointed out the a celebrity status does not give anyone the right to skip lines while some shared that it was fine if someone had actually lined up for Kim Chiu.

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