A couple of pictures of a 28-year old Chinese national who is assumed to be suffering from terminal cancer surfaced online as he staged a mock wedding with a doll to fulfill his dying wish. According to Daily Mail, one of his dying wishes is to be wed. It was also believed that the man did not want to leave a mourning widow when he passes thus married the doll instead.

Like any other wedding and prenup photoshoot, the doll bride also had its prep team complete with makeup artists, hair stylists, and bridal gowns organizers. One of the photos even displayed the man's passionate admiration to the doll while he's watching it being groomed as if it's really living.

A 28 year old Man Married a Doll and have their Wedding Photoshoot
Dressed in a long, flowy wedding gown, the doll was positioned to sit in a couch while the 28-year old cancer patient romantically kneeled in front of it. In the other photo, the Chinese man tenderly kissed the doll's hand while it stood beside him as if the doll is comforting the guy.

These photos, in fact, gathered random comments from the netizens online. One even mentioned that this could be a some sort of bizarre advertisement, stating disgust and shock. However, most of these comments are expressions of pity and understanding that some even expressed their admiration and sympathy.

"He is handsome, his story is sad, but he has his own reason, don't judge him, just respect what he want to do in his life." one Facebook user commented on a post regarding this.

????? ???  said, "Awww this is more than heart touching :( " from the same post.

As of this moment, there's no confirmation yet if these photos are real or just internet hoax provided that no one had determined who the guy really is.

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