After the visits of "Pastillas Girl’s," ex-boyfriend and her best friend on Showtime, Angelica Yap’s mother joined her to voice out her feeling and their share about their mother-daughter relationship.
Pastillas Girl had once shared that she is looking for a relationship as she longs to have someone to take care of her. Apparently, her parents had broken up and her mother had to work abroad for their family, leaving her as the eldest child to take care of her younger siblings.

Soon, her mother came up on stage and with tears in her eyes, she admitted that she felt guilt upon hearing her daughter’s reason for a relationship. She shared that she had always loved her children and wished nothing but their goodness. She had doubted herself if she was able to do everything for her children.

Pastillas Girl’s Mom Speaks up on It’s Showtime about Issues on her Daughter
She shared that she had always given advices to her children and she was hurt when her eldest daughter joined a sorority. She could not accept it and even decided to transfer to another school. Maybe it was because of their broken family.
Upon hearing her mom’s doubts, Yap assured her mother that she was the one to be blamed. She appreciates her mother’s efforts and she had done nothing wrong. She knew she can’t blame everything to her mom as she had her own will and decisions. Her mom had been there to guide her.
Vice Ganda shared that Yap should have more quality time with her mother.

In the end Yap’s mother also shared that she was hurt with the people’s comments about her daughter as nobody knows who she really is. She is not selling her daughter as she loved her so much. People had been judging her daughter without knowing everything about her.

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