A Liberal Party event was mixed with controversy after its video showing sexy dancers taking over the stage had gone viral over the social media.

The event was mainly to swore in the new members of the Liberal Party in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. Presidential candidate, Mar Roxas, led the event, but as soon as he left the stage and the venue, the sexy dancers, Playgirls, took over. The emcee even announced that the girls are a birthday gift for Laguna Rep. Benjie Agarao from the MMDA chairman and senatorial aspirant Francis Tolentino. Agarao was then celebrating his 58th birthday.

MMDA Chairman Tolentino Grilled by Netizen Over Viral Video
In an interview of GMA News with one of the dancers, she gave thanks to Tolentino and greeted Agarao for his birthday. However, Tolentino had denied that the said gift was from him. He said that he was just a guest in the program. He insisted that her did not bring any dancer nor singer. The program’s emcee might have been misinformed.

In another text message that was shared by Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma, Jr., Tolentino further explained that he got lost along the way towards the venue and he got there just a few minutes ahead of the dancers and singers, this might have given the emcee the wrong idea.

The emcee actually announced the performance of the group while Mar Roxas was still on stage, but he had left even before the grouped performed. This was after the new party members were sworn in.
In a video posted by GMA News reporter Steve Dailisan, a man was seen dancing with the girls, yet the man was unidentified. Agarao on the other hand asked the media not to use the footage as it was not part of the actual program but actually a private gathering already.

Agarao shared that he did not know who brought the girls but he was sure that it was a gift from one of his friends and not Tolentino. The party was a private function and they did not have any control on how the other guest will act.

However, since the video had gone viral in social media, netizens had posted negative comments and shared that it was not good to see such acts by government officials.

Agarao defended that it was a private gathering and it was only a gift likened to those in stag or bachelor’ party. It was purely for amusement and he said that there could be nothing wrong with it otherwise he himself should have stopped it.

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