Viva Films officially released the teaser and posters of its official Metro Manila File Festival entry ‘Nilalang’, starred by action star Cesar Montano and Japanese adult movie actress Maria Ozawa.

The official poster shows the two leading role with a blood soaked sword in between them. Montano will play as a local forensics cop leading his team in a case of serial murders. Women had been murdered, yet it seemed it was done by neither man nor beast. It was deemed as the worst serial murder in Japan. And Monatano’s crime case has close similarity with cases tied up in Japan.

Maria Ozawa and Cesar Montano Stars in MMFF Entry 'Nilalang'
In onder to get at the bottom of the mistery, Montano’s character teams up with Maria Ozawa who play the role of a heriess to a Japanese organized crime syndicate. She was not keen with it at first, but as it turned out, she might be the ultimate goal of what they try to apprehend the entity called ‘Zahagur.’

It was last June when Ozawa came in the Philippines to promote the movie. The actress shared how she liked the countries smiling people, food and weather. She was also surprised on how famous she is in the country considering that she had only worked in film in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.
Nilalang is her third horror movie and her first action flick. She was originally supposed to team up with Robin Padilla in the movie, but the actor of “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” had backed out even before the film had pushed through citing personal reasons as his wife had suffered miscarriage. He deemed that it is more important to care for his family rather than doing the third film that was suppose to be his third entry in the festival. After he officially backed out, Montano was announced to be taking up Padilla’s role.

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