The filing of Certificate of Candidacy is in less than two weeks and Davao City Mayor Rodrido Duterte’s supporters still have high hopes that he will run for the President’s office in 2016 election.

Despite his firm stand that he would rather not run for the highest office, his supporters even met in Quirino Grandstand to convince him to reconsider his decision, but who is Rodrigo Roa Duterte that many consider him as fit to be the next president of the Philippines?

Davao City Mayor Rodrido Duterte Biography: Politics and Life
Mayor Duterte, 69, was born in Maasin, Southern Leyte. His father, Vicente Duterte, was a governor of Davao while his mother, Soledad Roa, was a school teacher. Rodrigo Duterte went to Lyceum of the Philippines University where he earned hi bachelor of art degree while he earned his law degree from San Beda College. He graduated in 1972 and passed the bar exam in the same year.

Political Career

From 1977 till the Edsa Revolution in 1986, the young lawyer served in the city prosecutor’s office. He started as a Special Counsel until he became a Second Assistant City Prosecutor. Then he became a lecturer on Criminal Law, Criminal Evidence and Criminal Procedure in a Police Academy under Regional Training Center XI. He also was appointed as the Officer-in-Charge Vice Mayor from 1986 to 1988. For three consecutive terms, he won the election and served as mayor from 1988 to 1998.

Know the Decision of Mayor Duterte Regarding 2016 Presidential Election

Since he had served for three consecutive terms as mayor, Duterte then ran and won the office of 1st District, Davao City as a congressman. After serving as a congressman, he ran again as mayor and served another three terms from 2001 till 2010. By the next election, Duterte ran for Vice Mayor and his daughter Sara ran for the mayor’s office and won.

As it can be remembered, ‘Inday Sara’ also runs with an iron fist. There was an incident during her term when she had punched a sheriff who did not follow her orders and waited for her before he started demolishing a squatter’s area.

On 2010, Duterte ran once again and won as a mayor and still in service until today. Despite being offered the position of Interior Secretary by four presidents, he opted to decline and serve his city.

Personal Life

As can be seen in the mayor’s profile in the official website of the city government of Davao, Duterte’s civil status is single, yet he was once married to a flight stewardess, Elizabeth Abellana Zimmerman. They have three children: Paolo, Sara and Sebastian. Only Sebastian did not venture into politics.

Zimmerman filled an annulment to nullify their marriage, citing infidelity as the reason for the break up, which the mayor never denied. He did not counter the filed annulment and the court ruled in favor of Zimmerman. Despite the said infidelity issue, Zimmerman shared that Duterte is indeed a good leader and he is also a good advocate of children and women’s right. He actually have programs for gender and development issues to support women and even got Galing Pook award for “gender-responsive” governance in Davao City.

The Mayor of Davao
Davao City Mayor Rodrido Duterte Biography: Politics and Life
Davao City was awarded with the Outstanding Local Government Unit Highly Urbanized City category thrice, giving them the right to have the National Literacy Hall of Fame Award.
Under Duterte’s leadership, the city council was able to push through with ordinance no. 1627, Series of 1994 that prohibits selling, serving and consumption of alcoholic beverages from 1am till 8am.
Duterte signed the Executive Order no. 39 that limits the speed limit of all kinds of vehicle to 40kph.
Duterte also signed an anti-smoking ordinance for the city. He also implemented a Fire-Cracker ban which prohibits the use of fire crackers especially on New Year’s Eve. He also require malls, stores and other establishments to install CCTV’s. Davao City is also considered as one of the cleanest city in the country.

Duterte was also able to add more ambulances and police patrol cars in the city. It has been known that the crime rate had declined as the population increased. Though there are a lot of rumors that the mayor supports extrajudicial killings of drug dealers, he had allocated a rather large budget for the drug rehabilitation and treatment center.

It is also known that the mayor personally involves himself with peace transaction efforts with the New People’s Army. He also gives the Muslim community and the indigenous Lumad a chance to have their voices heard with formal representation through designated deputy mayors.

Stories in Davao

You might have encountered a couple of stories in various social media about the honest Davao locals where taxi drivers are known to refuse to keep the change and they will even return forgotten possessions in their vehicles. When they are asked about such honesty, they would usually say that the mayor expects them to do just that.

The most recent story in Davao that had gone viral was when a tourist was allegedly forced by the mayor himself to eat his cigarette butt after he violated the anti-smoking ordinance that is strictly prohibited in the city.

No one is above the law, not even Duterte as a mayor. He was once caught over speeding on his motorcycle. He surrendered his license and attended the driving seminar before getting it back.

It seems that many Filipinos are eyeing the mayor as he seems to be one of the favorite bets in the coming presidential election despite his public message that he is not interested as he has not enough money to do so. In response, a group of businessmen pledged P1 billion to support his candidacy.

The filing of Certificate of Candidacy will be on October 12 and people are still waiting on his final decision as Duterte also promised that he will not fail those who believes in him.

In the recent results of the Pulse Asia, Duterte ranked as the fourth top contender for the presidential position though he had not officially declared his candidacy.

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