After days of anticipation, fans finally saw the McDonald’s commercial featuring Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. It has been days since fans were teased with various photos of the two making the commercial and today it officially kick offs in GMA’s Eat Bulaga.

Currently trending with the hashtag #Aldubkoto, fans shared how they feel about the first TV commercial of the on screen love team. Since their love story involved DubSmash and not personally seeing each other, the McDonald’s commercial stick with it.

Watch the Most Awaited AlDub’s First Mcdo Commercial
At the beginning of the ad, Yaya Dub is seen eating in a Mcdonald’s store, lip syncing ‘Ikaw Lang ang Tanging Mahal’, a song known to be sung by VST and Co. Then Alden was shown in split screen also eating and lip syncing the same song. At first, the two seemed to be together only to be revealed that they are actually in a different place. Alden is in a van outside the store, yet just by the window where Yaya Dub sits.

Just within an hour, the TV Ad posted in various social media sites are raking thousands of views. It seemed that fans are hooked with the commercial, making it trend on Twitter.
On Facebook, make shared that the ad is indeed cute and even made many feel the sweetness the couple are known with nowadays. Some say that they are even willing to go to McDonald’s and try out the newly introduced meal just to support the on screen couple. Others say that they need a sequel to get satisfied.

Meet Yaya Dub Real Life Sister

The ad is expected to be shown on various TV channels and and some pointed out that the rival network can’t do anything but to also air it.

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