After months of speculations, Senator Grace Poe finally officially announced her intention to run for the presidential office in the 2016 elections.

As expected by many, on September 16, the senator had declared her decision in front of hundreds of her supporters in University of the Philippines (UP) Bahay ng Alumni. Her supporters had chanted her name as she delivered her 25 minute speech.

She encouraged the listeners to support her as she aims for the highest political office in the country. Her family is present including her mother, Susan Roces. Banners supporting Poe also filled the place.

It had been months since people were kept in anticipation as there had also been talks that the administration is asking her to run along side former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. With her announcement, she officially declares a face off against administration’s bet Roxas and Vice President Jejomar Binay of opposition.

In her almost half an hour speech, Poe shared that intelligence is not the only important thing in a president, but also the urge and heart to serve.

Poe also shared that it was in the same place , more than 11 years ago, that her father had shared his purpose to serve the country. It was Fernando Poe Jr. who had said that intelligence alone would not work without a heart persevering to serve the people.

Poe also shared that her inspiration lies with the common Filipino people such as the health workers, farmers, soldiers, fishermen and OFWs. She then presented her platform including fighting against illegal drugs, addressing the lack of classrooms, creation of Standard Lunch Program in public schools, improving health services, fighting for the West Philippine Sea and forerunning the rights of senior citizens and LGBT community.

She also clarified that the administration’s "Tuwid na Daan" must not be monopolized as she will also continue the current administration’s actions against corruption. She had admitted that President Aquino had done much to fight the corruption.

The senator also did not miss to tell that she wants to lower the tax rates which had been declined by the administration. She also aims to lower the costs of power in the country and make way for the internet connection to be faster.

She also included her plan to help alleviated the traffic problems, clean the drainage systems,
She also pointed out the need to build more roads and trains, to clean the drainage systems, and to remove pursue peace with all Muslims.

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