After the photos of a drowned Syrian toddler washed ashore had flooded the various social media, netizens had voiced out their concerns on the growing issue in Syria and what seemed to be lack of actions from other nearby countries.

According to UNICEF, almost two million Syrian children were forced to flee from their homes and thousands of people had died just by trying to reach the shores of Europe to find shelter and safety. Majority of the number had drowned in the in the waters of Mediterranean. The issue of these refugees seemed to be unfelt by many around the globe until the dead bodies of the refugees were washed up in Turkish shores a few days ago.

Donations for Syrian Refugees Spikes in Various Groups
Since then, millions in euros had been donated to various aid groups aiming to help the refugees. On the other hand, the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, seemed to be put into more pressure, leading to Britain’s pledge to donate £100 million or $153 million.

Also, UNICEF US shared that the donations had spiked after photos of the 3 year old Syrian had surfaced in the internet. Many were heart broken to see the boy lifelessly lying face down in the sand of the Turkish beach. It has been revealed that the donations had increased up to 105%.

While European governments are still divided on which action to take, the International Olympic Committee had already released $2.2 million as an emergency fund. It seemed that the photo had stirred up the public to make donations and and add pressure to their government.

Malta-based Migrant Offshore Aid Station shared to Agence France-Presse the impact the photo had created to the public. What used to be a maximum of 10,000 euros of donation a day became 600,000 euros for those who are trying to migrate from Libya.

Even Pope Benedict XVI encourages the European churches to open their doors to help the refugees during the Sunday Mass on September 6. Various groups have put up websites where the public can pledge donations to help the migrants safely find a place to stay as they flee for their lives.

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