After eight weeks, AlDub finally met in person only to be cut short by Lola Nidora. They were not even able to touch each other’s hands. Fans all over the globe had been waiting for the grand meet up and many admitted that they had shed tears on what happened next.

For the past week, the fans are already anticipating the meet up as the two are part of the wildcard segment of Bulaga Pa More in the Broadway Centrum studio. Lola Nidora, the character portrayed by Wally Bayola, allowed Yaya Dub to join in the competition with three conditions and one of which includes that Yaya Dub must not see Alden Richards. The young lady promised not to do anything to see her prince charming.

AlDub Thrilled to Finally Meet in Person before Yaya Dub gets Kidnapped
On Saturday. September 5, 2015, Alden was pushed by Lola Nidora to promise not to meet Maine in person. Alden pinky sweared on it. Yet, despite the promises of the two, they had gone to the backstage and the fans’ dreams had came true.

Many shared that the reaction of the two seemed genuine and though Maine tried to act comically, she seemed to be too overwhelmed. It was reported that she has a real life crush on Alden.

But, alas, only a few feet away from each other, a plywood wall slipped in the middle of the hallway, cutting off their unity. Tears flowed from the eyes of the two as Bayola delivered his lines on the importance of fulfilling promises.

Part 3 of 3: AlDub Day 45 - The First Time
"Ang tunay na pag-ibig, kahit hindi kayo magkapiling nararamdaman. Ang tunay na pag-ibig, kahit hindi nagkikita, pinapahalagahan at iniisip ang isa't isa! Iniisip ang kabutihan! At hinihintay ang tamang panahon!" - Lola Nidora #AlDub #Kalyeserye #KiligPaMore
Posted by Eat Bulaga on Saturday, September 5, 2015

Lola Nidora shared that true love is felt despite the distance and though lovers don’t see each other care and thoughts must still be there. And true love wait for the right time. Even Maine’s parents had shed tears together with the fans.

Tweets for the day’s episode had reached more than 5.6 million before the day ends. This shows the how vast the fandom of AlDub had grown over the weeks and it had even reached the OFW’s in other countries.

As if the drama was not enough, Yaya Dub was kidnapped by two masked men and Lola Nidora had no other way but asked Alden for his help.

At the end of the day, Maine Mendoza tweeted that it was nice to finally see Alden while Alden replied that it was also nice to see her in person despite being unable to even shake her hands.

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