People nowadays enjoy the liberty of using public WiFi access in many areas in Manila. Department of Science and Technology had recently introduced the use of public Wifi, especially for the benefits of the students, however, free also comes with a price.

People must be aware of the risks they are putting themselves in when using public WiFi access. Students can now enjoy free public WiFi in Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City. Internet speed seemed to be fairly fast and could be used for browsing.

Risks of Using Free Public WiFi
In the report of ABS-CBN’s Bandila, the students tried to access the internet using the free WiFi. They were satisfied with the speed and were able to browse some sites. Quezon City Memorial Circle is among the six areas where DOST had put up these free WiFi access.

Other areas where you can use the free WiFi access are Quezon City Hall, PHILCOA Elliptical Road, Rizal Park, SSS along East Avenue and LTO along East Avenue. These are only the pilot areas of the said project by DOST. However, free public WiFi can put you at risk. Your personal data could easily be hacked.

Private information could be open for hackers, which in turn can be used in various crimes. It is better to avoid accessing online banking if you are using a free WiFi connection. Abe Olandres, a tech blogger, shared that people should avoid accessing private, personal and financial instruments using the public WiFi.

Once connected to the public WiFi, a hacker can easily access your files, or put in some applications without you suspecting anything. Also, snatchers could easily grab your devices if you use them in public. Be vigilant and careful when using internet in public places. Free public WiFi offers great benefits when used properly, yet it could also be used by those with illegal intentions.

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