In just a day, Star Cinema’s ‘One More Chance’ sequel teaser had reached more than a million views and netizens could not contain their excitement making it trend on Twitter and Facebook.

The four minute scene gives the viewers the chance to see what comes after the happy ending of Popoy and Basha. People get to sneak peek on what happens when the couple finally gets to be husband and wife. Eight years after, do they still have the power to get over the challenges in their relationship?

It's Official: Watch the teaser of One More Chance Part 2
The teaser the married Popoy and Basha once again exchanging fierce comments, and many could not help but notice that despite their argument Basha still takes care of Popoy by giving him his sleepers, putting away his office bag and taking his jacket to what might be a laundry basket.

The two heated up with their argument until Popoy admitted that he is beginning to doubt if it was right to get back with Basha. This silenced Basha and sat at the other end of the couch. While it might seem that they are about to break up, Popoy grabbed Basha and hugged her tight.

Many Facebook users shared their thoughts that John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo’s love team still instills sparks to the viewers. They commend on their acting skills and how the script writers were able to create powerful exchange of dialogues.
The scene might be short, yet many admitted that it had brought impact on them, making them voice out their excitement over the upcoming movie.

Star Cinema knew that the viewers had been teased and promised to post the film’s documentary teaser soon as a treat.

It was last July when the actors admitted that they are going to be teaming up again for a movie, yet they did not specify that it would be a sequel of their 2007 romantic film.

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