Once locally known as the Gollayan Sisters, the 4th Power is back and this time they are setting the stage of The X Factor UK on fire.

The girl band seemed timid and star strucked as they greeted the four judges right in front of them. They had revealed that they flew all the way from the Philippines to join the competition. Simon Powell was surprised to learn that the four ladies are actually sister.

Filipino Girl Band 4th Power Awed Judges of The X Factor UK
The sisters shared that being on the stage of The X Factor UK is a dream come true. Mylene, Irene, Celina and Almira shared that they had started singing as a group in 2001 and they had traveled to different places joining not only local singing competitions but also international ones.

The group was also known as MICA when they joined Korea’s reality singing TV show Superstar K6. They were able to wow the judges with their own rendition of ‘Let It Go’ and was able to get in, however they were unable to reach the finals of the competition despite their ability to emotionally sing famous Korean hits.

The sisters also shared that many had told them to give up, yet they are willing to do their best to reach their dream as they love what they do.

While they seemed timid when they saw the famous judges, they evidently surprised every one as they hit the first notes of Jessie J’s ‘Bang Bang’. They did not only filled their performance with stunning voices, but with also hair flips, hip whips and coordinated dance moves, making their stage presence felt all over. In the end the Filipinas received a standing ovation from the audience and the four judges.
Cheryl was the first to share her thoughts and she had voiced out that the girls had took Wembley’s roof off. Her mind was blew away as the four demure girls minutes before the performance became bad girls on stage.

Grimmy simply said that the audition will blow up all over the world and they had became his favorite girl band, while Rita shared that she suddenly wanted to be their sister.

Simon shared that people are saying that the show must be only for British, but he wanted to welcome all the talents. He personally welcome the girls in the competition and admitted that their performance was one of the best first auditions they had seen.

The girls admitted that they had joined the competition to perform in front of Simon and now they are living their dream.

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