Actresses Kim Chiu and Alex Gonzaga drew laughter while delivering their speil while impersonating the ‘Pabebe Girls’ on ASAP last Sunday, July 5, 2015.

Pabebe Girls became famous on Facebook after one of their clips had been posted in  Senyora Santibanez Facebook fan page. The video shows two girls trying to act tough saying that they don’t care whatever the world thinks about them or if people are annoyed. The two girls said that they are just being true to themselves and nobody can stop them.

Watch Actresses Kim Chiu and Alex Gonzaga impersonating the ‘Pabebe Girls’
Since the pabebe videos han gone viral, many netizens had created their own spin off of the video, exaggerating the lack of eyebrows of one of the girls. People had commented with various humor. Some say that the two girls were too young to say such things.

Many made fun of the eyebrows of the girl in white. Even Senyora Santebenez said that the girl seemed to be a top student as she had burned her eyebrows studying. Many also noted that the girls seemed to have not memorized their script well.
Over all many said that the video was funny while some say it shows that the new generation’s behavior is alarming.

Joining the string of people making Pabebe Spoofs are Kim Chiu and Alex Gonzaga during ASAP. Alex had pieces of plaster on her eyebrows. Kim could not contain her laugh while delivering her lines. The two were later joined in by Maja Salvador.

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