Another long weekend is coming your way. Eidul Fitr on July 17, 2015 has been officially declared as a national holiday by Malacanan Palace according to RA No. 9177.

Eidul Fitr is known to many as the “Wakas ng Ramadan”, the end of the more than a month of fasting called Ramadan. This also marks the beginning Shawwal. Eidul Fitr originated from the Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. It is a symbol of thanks giving to Allah and to promote peace and harmony among Filipinos, the Eidul Fitr had been a national holiday since 2002.

Malacanan Declared Eidul Fitr as National Holiday
With the use of Islamic calendar “Hijra”, Muslims can know which day is Eidul Fitr. As Hijra is dependent of the lunar calendar, the date of the Eidul Fitr changes every year and it is the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF)’s duty to tell the government about the date of the year’s end of Ramada.

As Eidul Fitr is the mark of the end of Ramadan, it s forbidden to fast. Muslims practice their ritual washing then head to the mosque of their community gathering to pray to Allah. They give “zakat al-fitr”, food as obligatory offering, and listen to sermons. Many then celebrate with a feast together with family and friends.

As a national holiday, there will be no classes in all levels, no office works in government offices and those who will work will have a double pay. Those who are not going to celebrate the end of Ramadan may enjoy their day with their family and loved ones in malls and parks. How will you spend your day?

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