Land Transportation Office (LTO) had revealed the new designs of plastic card licenses. The first batch of newly designed cards are expected to be released in a moth as scheduled. The new license ID cards will have new color codes that will classify conductors and student drivers.

Student drivers will now have the orange plastic cards instead of the thin piece of paper baring their photos and personal information. Though it is now a plastic card, the fee will still remain at 150 pesos. Yellow cards will be issued to the conductors while both the non-professional and professional drivers will still have the blue license cards.

LTO had Revealed The New Design of Drivers License
Other than the colors, the new license cards will have the new safety features, bigger fonts for the owner’s names and address, and enhanced resolution. The printed tags "Philippines" and "millennium" usually found at the top and bottom of the national flag has been removed. Agency, weight and height are all spelled out.

According to Jason Salvador, LTO spokeperson, the safety features are added to easily detect fake licenses. Those who will resort to fake licenses will be banned from getting the actual legal license for a year.

LTO also said that it will request Department of Finance to approve its proposition to lower the license price from Php 150 to Php70 as the Allcard Plastics Philippines Inc had bid with a lower amount. Allcard had bagged the the license card project after proposing the lowest bid of P336 million.

Amalgamated Motors Philippines Incorporated (AMPI) used to supply the plastic cards to the LTO, however, after 20 years, the firm came under scrutiny after a shortage of PVC cards last year. Instead of plastic cards, they gave out a piece of paper as temporary license.
Allcard is expected to supply 5 million pieces of plastic cards in a year.

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