Iglesia ni Cristo now faces various issues after a YouTube video was uploaded online showing INC founder Felix Manalo’s grandson, Angel Manalo, and his mother, asking for help as they are facing death threats.

It all started when Angel Manalo and his mother, Tenny Manalo, pleaded for help and support from their brethren. In the video, Tenny revealed that there were also abducted ministers who had went missing.

Iglesia ni Cristo is Facing Numerous Scandals and Accusations After the Viral Video.
The mother and the brother of INC executive minister Eduardo 'Eddie' Manalo are expelled from their religious groups on Thursday morning. INC General Evangelist Bienvenido Santiago on the other hand insisted that the mother and son are only dividing the INC. He also denied that certain ministers are missing and the two expelled members are only trying to tarnish the reputation of their church.

Soon, the hostage issue had started after various messages were flash though the windows of the Manalo residence in Tandang Sora. One of the messages read that somebody is held hostage inside the house. Another message warned the people staking outside the house about armed men in a black Revo.
According to Santiago, Eduardo Manalo cannot allow anybody to divide their church, and the uploaded YouTube video only aims cause chaos in the group. The leadership then decided to expel Angel and Tenny Manalo.

Expelled INC minister, Roel Rosal, had told the media that around 10 ministers are being held in a house arrest to prevent them from leaking the alleged corruption in the church. He also claimed that Jun Santos, auditor of the church, and his staff had been spending the ‘abuloy’ for their personal gains.

On the other hand, former editor-in-chief of Pasugo, Isaias Samson Jr, revealed that he and his family was placed under house arrest after he a\was accused of being behind the blog, "Iglesia Ni Cristo - Silent No More’” the said blog allegedly exposes negative issues in INC.

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