Are your friend’s profile pictures on Facebook suddenly turning into rainbow filtered? Before you get into the trend, understand the meaning of the colorful strips.

Facebook had recently released a the “Celebrate Pride” tool that gives the users a way to show that they support marriage equality, specifically same gender marriage. Facebook’s chief executive and co- founder Mark Zuckerberg himself launched the said tool in celebration after the United States Supreme Court finally ruled that same-gender marriage is now a  fundamental constitutional right under 14th Amendment.

Facebook Launches Celebration Tool in Support to LGBT Community
Members and supporters of the LGBT communities are celebrating the news all over the world and Facebook created the tool to let people express their support. Visit the “Celebrate Pride” tool found on your Facebook and there you will see a preview of your profile picture with a rainbow filter added on it. The rainbow symbolizes support for gay marriage. If you have decided to use this profile picture, click “use as profile picture.”

Zuckerberg shared his happiness for everyone who now has the freedom to celebrate their right to love and get married. They can now be recognized as equal couple as stated by the US law. He also added that there are still much to be done for full equality to be reached, but they are in the right path.

Facebook is only one of the giant social media that had showed support for same gender marriage. Apple had been supporting this cause since 1993 while Google, Microsoft ad Amazon had already filed friend of the court documents to push for Defense of Marriage Act. These big companies cited that the lack of recognition for same gender marriage had lower the morale of their workers and it complicates tax benefits.

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