A few days after Julia Buencamino was found dead by their household help in their home in Quezon City, her suicide note has been found in an unlikely place, her Tumblr account.

Her discovered artworks had both amazed and baffled people. Her artistry is said to be a great lost by many as she had the unique way of expressing herself with her painting. Now, her alleged suicidal letter is getting around online. Found in her Tumblr account, the note was written only a few hours before she took her life.

Actress Julia Buencamino Last Note for her Family Found on her Tumblr Account
She said that if someone had found the note, then it could only mean that she had succeeded in her suicide attempt. She could have deleted the note if she had failed. In her letter, she specifically said that she will never sight any reason for what she had done. She had decided to keep them to herself, yet, the note seemed to be a letter of assurance to her loved ones she was about to leave behind.

She told her parents how she wished they could have noticed, but assured them that it was not their fault.

She also left short messages to the people she held dear and apologized. She was able to reveal in her letter that she was a transgender and knew it since she was 13. She was not comfortable being seen as a woman. It is not clear if anybody knew about this as it may seem that even her parents were kept in the dark.

In the end she listed the things she loved and reminded everyone to be kind to themselves.

Julia Buencamino was found on July 7, 2015, hanging from the ceiling by a nylon cord. Her family opted not to continue with the police investigation as it appears to be a suicide and asked the public to respect their privacy as their family mourn their lost.

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