Why is it that when people think about the apocalypse, it’s always about zombies, aliens, alien war with laser dicks? Probably, you have read a lot of zombie apocalyptic survival tips too from different people, who have lived so long with so little intelligence. Yes, it’s all almost certainly right but not all makes sense, refrigerator. One of the most hilarious ways I have read is to “have your enemy’s head on your table for a morbid Shakespearean inspiration.” Too bad there’s no legal way to get it.

5 Tips To Survive The Merry Impending Apocalypse
You might be laughing about the topic but one day; all too soon, you will wake up and find yourself needing to know how to survive the real-life apocalypse. The universe and the entire world as humans (don’t) know it may one day collapse.

Read the following tips to survive the apocalypse and not your mathematics exam tomorrow.

Live like animals
It doesn’t mean you have to live Katy Perry’s song, Roar, neither lick other’s face just like a dog, curl on the bed for the whole day like a cat, nor sniffing on other’s feet like a rabbit. Live like an animal for they’ve got short lives and they don’t need a hundred years to find happiness. They’ve known it for their entire lives unlike humans who are ‘self-proclaimed smarter’ but take so long to see love and happiness. Remarkably, in an article by Robin Lloyd, about 1 out of 5 Americans are lonely, a nibbling emotional state of feeling unhappy, friendless, stressed and hostile
5 Tips To Survive The Merry Impending Apocalypse
One cannot simply cancel the apocalypse just because you are lonely. Well, you don’t want to be resting 6ft below the ground before even the apocalypse begun, do you?

Fold yourself into a perfect box and store good food inside
You see, you’re still young and it gives you no possibility of having a gun, a stash of good food and build a log cabin somewhere in the woods. But at least you have potted land and potted crops or house garden to spare, so you can have food of your own. Learn how to garden! 
5 Tips To Survive The Merry Impending Apocalypse
This definitely might not sound cool but with real life apocalypse, it is a vital skill. It definitely makes sense to grow your own food so as to be prepared for the future unsustainable resources in the near apocalyptic era.  Consider planting fruit-bearing trees and fast growing crops if you have the space. Soon, you’ll be able to live off autopilot and increase the possibility of surviving the merry impending day of reckoning.

Survive your personal hygiene apocalypse
Handling a loaded armalite won’t totally save you. Many people will be focusing in securing clean water, food, shelter (and weapons) but little did some know that there’s another lethal problem one must take prudence, the very important and personal – hygiene. 
5 Tips To Survive The Merry Impending Apocalypse
It’s not the zombies that we have to watch out but the disquieting viruses, deadly gases, bacteria and parasites that can infect us. What is enough food and water without proper hygiene? Honestly, truthfully, with every ounce of sincerity, a lot of people need this.

Your house is your fortress
You house is the common denominator. While some people bury themselves in the shade of comfort zone and others go on a mass cannibalistic rampage, you must take the opportunity to build your campground and build its curb appeal.  You’ll never know when the apocalypse will begin, when will burglars and zombie-like neighbors desperate for food and water to become good architects. 
5 Tips To Survive The Merry Impending Apocalypse
They can unpuzzle dimensional weave and patterns of your house and figure out how they can go from point A to B. You’ll never know when the angels from the sky will will pee and when the sun will rage its heat. Never sacrifice aesthetics to home security and privacy; it should come hand in hand.

Never surrender the world which never submits us
Maybe life is meaningless happenstance where evolution gave the human consciousness the ability to dream and imagine more than we are capable of achieving. Maybe humans are biology’s little joke where our forelobes have been hyper-formed. We’re perpetually dissatisfied with our surroundings and thus, we’re constantly creating and exploring for meaning when there actually is none. We’re just little organism specks with acknowledgement of our existence larger than ourselves.
5 Tips To Survive The Merry Impending Apocalypse
We can create gods and philosophies, argue with missiles and bullets, bounce off ideas from one another overseas, revolt against a leader and even conquer undiscovered land. But none of that matters in the perceived apocalypse. It won’t matter if we all die, the universe will continue revolving without us. Swallow your pride and let yourself choke on your fear. There will always be people who need more than 7,000 brain cells to understand you but Make a difference. If you can stop or at least delay the apocalypse, you’ll be a hero of your future kids and little angels.

Survive the merry impending apocalypse with these seemingly elementary-but-useful tips. After all, the only relief for this catastrophe is prevention.

Blog Post Author: Boom Rizal is an investor, a researcher and a passionate writer. Get in touch with her and follow her @boomrizal.

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