Yahoo! will shut down some of its services in order to recover its focus on search and digital content. Some of its services that will be shutting down are Yahoo Maps as’s shutting down is scheduled by the end of the month. The reason for this, according to Amotz Maimon, Yahoo!’s chief architect is the intense competition with Google. Yahoo!’s attempt to lessen its services will enable it to hit the mark in terms of increasing revenue as seen in through the efforts of Chief Executive Marissa Mayer. She has been challenged and put under pressure to strengthen Yahoo!’s media and advertising business.

Yahoo! is Shutting Down Philippines Homepages
Another service that will be shutting down according to Yahoo! is the Philippine homepage and there will also be stopping down of different services on other countries which include Yahoo Music in France and Canada, Yahoo Movies in Spain, Yahoo TV and Yahoo Autos in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. This will take place in June.

Yahoo! is famous for offering services in the field of communication, content making, mobile services, co-branding internet services, commerce, and small businesses. Other services offered by Yahoo! are GeoPlanet, Yahoo Next, Yahoo BOSS, Yahoo Meme, Y!Connect, Yahoo Accessibility, Yahoo Axis, and Yahoo SearchMonkey.

As of now, Yahoo! is working out in order to meet its goal of focusing on what is important. Shutting down of services is Yahoo!’s biggest decision at the moment. Let’s see what will happen next as Yahoo! is geared towards improving the quality of its services rendered to the netizens.

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