Summer vacation is over and so is the Forevermore TV series, but teen stars Enrique Gil and Lisa Soberano  is back once again to prove that there is “Forever” in their  first starring film Just The Way You Are.  Fans of Enrique and Liza will surely be delighted with the “kilig” antics that will surely attest that there is such a thing as “Forever” Boys and girls of all ages will surely pick up new “hugot” lines like “How do I get you?” and “Question is, are man enough to find out?”

Watch Trailer of Just The Way You Are: A Back to School Love Story
Watching the trailer will make you want for more, as Jake (played by Enrique Gil) was a campus heartthrob who placed a bet that in 30 days, Jake has to make Sofia (played by Liza Soberano) fell in love for him. The story shed light to some of the problems encountered by the younger generation especially with the matters of the family, peer pressure and of the heart.
Director Theodore Boborol added veteran actor Tonton Gutierrez and Ms. Sunshine Cruz in the powerhouse cast. Star Cinema unleashes Just The Way You Are in theatres on June 17.

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