Vice Ganda condemned Valkyrie’s No Crossdressing Policy, saying that if such policy is implemented, he will pull out his share from the said club. Vice’s reaction was triggered by a viral Facebook post of a transgender about his stressful experience when Valkyrie denied him entrance.

Trixie Maristela shared that on June 13 had bee a long day for him with all of his commitments. Wanting to enjoy and ease out the stress, he and his boyfriend named Art, together with his sister and her boyfriend decided to go in Valkyrie to have some drink. They decided to walk in and not bother to reserve a VIP table since they are not planning to stay long.

Vice Ganda condemn Valkyrie’s No Crossdressing Policy
Upon arriving in Valkyrie at around 11:30 pm, their ID’s and bags were checked. Maristela clarified that this was not the first time she had been in the club but he usually reserves a VIP table. Unfortunately, the security guards did not allow him to get in saying he was not properly dressed as a male, pointing at the dress code policy.

Shocked and confused, Maristela tried to impose his rights since it was not the first time he had been in the club. The guards clarified that he will be able to get in if he reserves a VIP table. Stressed, he asked to book a table but the management said that they are fully booked.

Feeling defeated, Maristela and his companions decided to just settle in the Pool Palace Club just beside Valkyrie and owned by the same investors. They were all able to get in but Maristela shared that the gender inequality ways to him ore than ever. His post had gone viral and netizens cried foul against the club.

Vice Ganda condemned the policy and threatened to pull out his share of the club as a co-owner. He assured the LGBT community that his support are theirs as he is one of them.

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