Filipinos are now looking for ways to make their lives convenient. One of the best convenient things is to have one thing to be used for a lot of purposes such as the Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID). UMID is a card that can be used by active members of SSS, Pagibig GSIS, and Philhealth.

While online registration for UMID is still not possible, the steps are easy and simple. You have register personally in any SSS and GSIS branch. Take note that the UMID is free of charge.

UMID gives you the convenience to easily do your transactions in any SSS, Pagibig GSIS, and Philhealth offices. It is considered as a valid ID that is acceptable in many establishments, offices and agencies. You can use it in a bank and when boarding domestic flights. With UMID, just one swipe at GSIS Gwaps/Kiosk and you can easily access your account, apply for a loan, make cash advance and transact business with SSS, PhilHealth and Pagibig.

Steps on how to get (UMID) Unified Multi-purpose ID
There are two options for people to get a UMID. If you are working as a government employee, you can get your UMID in a  If you are an OFW, self-employed or an employee in a private company, you can apply for a UMID in any SSS branch nearest to you. If you are both an SSS and a GSIS member, it is better to register in a GSIS Enrollment Center as GSIS offers eCard Plus, a banking facility feature.

Through SSS, all you need are 2 Valid IDs and a filled in application form that can be downloaded online. Do not forget to photocopy your IDs.

Step by Step: How to Check SSS Contributions Online

Bring your IDs and application form to your chosen SSS branch. Make sure that the copies of your IDs are clear. The SSS staff will validate if you are an active member and if you are eligible for a UMID. If they verified that you are eligible, they will scan your biometrics and capture your signature and photo. Wait for your UMID applocation form as they will give it back to you accompanied by the date when you are expected to receive your ID. The card will be delivered by mail. There are certain instances that it might take more than two months. Do not hesitate to call the branch you registered in to follow up your ID.

Once you receive your UMID, you can access your SSS account, profile, Employee Static Info, history, balance, loans and premiums in any SSS Kiosk.

All pensioners and members of GSIS are required to apply for a UMID if they have the  eCard Plus. GSIS Enrollment Centers and other GSIS branches are open for UMID processing.

The application form can also be downloaded online. Make sure that you fill in the right form. There is a form for those who already have an eCard plus and a separate form for those who still do not have the eCard Plus.

Bring your eCard Plus if you already have one or bring 2 valid IDs. Bring the IDs and your completed form to an GSIS staff and have them verified if your a eligible for a UMID. Once verified, have your photo, signature and biometrics captured. Pensioners will receive their card through mail while government employees can get their ID from their Agency Liaison Officer.

Activate your card once you receive it by validating your fingerprints in a GSIS GW@ps Kiosk. Place the card on the scanner and then your finger print. Activate the card withing 72 hours upon receiving it.

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