Despite the fact that two years ago Gigi Chao, 37 years old, was already married to someone named Sean Eav, her father is convinced that she is still single. This is the reason why his father, Cecil Chao, a 77 year old Hong Kong Billionaire increased the amount of reward for someone who can turn his daughter straight. The initial amount was $65 and the offer was first announced in 2012.

Reward Raised Up to $120 Million To Any Man Who Can Turn a Honkong Billionaire’s Lesbian Daughter Straight
The reward was raised by her father because thousands of men did not succeed on this matter. Her father told the ABC News that he is not saying that it is not okay for her daughter to be gay. He still respects her daughter’s choice no matter what as long as she knows what she really wants in life. Her father also stressed that probably what her daughter wants today will not be the same in the future.

Gigi Chao happened to be active in defending gays, in fact she is an LGBT activist and also the founder of Big Love Alliance which is a Hong Kong local gay group. Gigi said that her father is “from another time”an she also said that he does not understand homosexuality. He added that the money that her father is offering can materialize his desire. In addition to this, during an interview with South China Morning Post, that she would appreciate someone who can support her charity with large amount of money. She thanked her dad and said “I love you.”

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