Lack of equipment and resources is the reason why PAF cannot defend its territory as mentioned in the 14-year strategic roadmap called Flight Plan 2028 especially now that there is a pressure coming from China because of its aggressive expansion of territory in the West Philippine Sea.

Flight Plan 2028 has a goal to “build capability to detect, identify, intercept and neutralize intrusions” in the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone (PADIZ) and West Philippine Sea which is something that we should look forward to.

Philippine Air Force Admits Weakness in Territorial Defense
Another thing that is cited by the PAF strategic roadmap is the 2012 data by Jane’s Defense Magazine that shows that county has no fighter crafts, air defense missiles, missile defense, ballistic missiles and nuclear arms as compared to neighbor countries.

It was also presented in the Flight Plan 2028 that the Philippines spent only a few on military expenditures unlike other countries. World Bank figure shows that it only spent 1.3 percent of its gross domestic product was spent for military expenditures.

PAF’s weaknesses in terms of disaster response and peacekeeping operations were enumerated by Flight Plan 2028 and it is also stated that it is dealing with “limited equipage for international peacekeeping operations.”

The netizens have expressed their opinions on this issue and I bet you also have yours. What can you say about the country’s preparedness in defending its territory? You can leave your comment below and let us delve into dealing with different issues concerning this.

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