Yna surfaced now as an adult, helping her stepmother in a small catering business, selling cooked lunch to make ends meet. Her small enterprise usually brings her as far as Talimpao, the place where she was born. Yna usually passes by in a small valley where her childhood memory flashes in her mind, trying to remind her of who she was before the unfortunate landslide even that took away her family. Despite the hardship of her life, she manages to be a loving sister to her adopted siblings and a loving daughter to her foster parents.  Dreaming of becoming something out of her life makes her strive more, and someday wishes to build her own restaurant.

Pangako Sayo June 5 Episode Summary: Ang Pagtatagpo ni Yna at Angelo
Her sunny disposition in life cannot please everyone, especially the wife of her elder brother. Julieta, contracted her stepmother for a catering in celebration of her birthday, however, misfortune comes along and most of the guest became victims of food poisoning, blaming it on the mussels that they ate in the party. Julieta placed all the blame to Yna and manhandled her physically all the way to their home. Julieta took the necklace forcibly and demanded Php 50,000 to pay the hospital bills of the victims.

Yna chose not to fight, instead she found herself in the beachfront singing while crying, to pass time and vent out her sentiments, until her stepfather came to the rescue to comfort Yna. Yna told her the very reason why she keeps coming back to Talimpao, she never lose hope that one day, she will be reunited with her family, but she also accepted the fact that if someone will confirm if her family is dead, she would accept it wholeheartedly. Until one morning Yna’s eldest brother managed to take back the necklace and give it to Yna.
Fate now decided that Yna and Angelo’s path should cross. Yna was taking a swim in the sea, and unknowingly drifted to a spot where Angelo was taking a nap in a bamboo raft. Yna tried to swim away but Angelo woke up and tried to pee, to which she got surprised, while Angelo was  caught off balance and hit his head on the sides of the bamboo raft knocking him out for a short time until Yna managed to fish him out and tried to perform CPR. Angelo was awake already and enjoyed the warmth of Yna’s body trying to revive him.

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