As if life for Amor can’t get any better, as she left her place to find luck in Hong Kong through the financial help of her friend Betty Mae. She worked hard as a domestic helper so she can help her family and give a better life for her daughter. Eduardo’s dream to become the Mayor of their place cannot be hindered by anyone despite the objections of Claudia to be a good husband and a good father.

Pangako Sayo June 4 Episode Summary: Revenge of Oppressed
Yna constantly misses her mother, that she always wanted to wear the necklace she accidently found inside the personal belongings of Amor. A sweet memento of Eduardo to Amor while they were still lovers.

Catastrophic events led to the horrible demise of Amor’s family after the signing of contract with Sierra Mines to exploit the mountains of Buenavista. While it was happening, Amor dreamt of the unfortunate event in her native place, thus knowing all about it the next while she was watching television with elderly ward. She begged from her employer to allow her to see and bury her family, unfortunately she has to wait several weeks before she was allowed to.
During the course of the rescue operation, people are blaming the Buenavista family for the unfortunate event that took away many lives. Yna was among who were last to be found, and by Divine Providence, she was alive and was taken care by a policeman, and took her as his own daughter.

Amor was deeply mourning for the loss of her family, and believing that her daughter was one of the casualties in the tragedy, seeing a half-buried doll which she recognized it that belongs to her daughter. Filled with grief and anger, she swore vengeance for all of the victims of the mining company, especially those people who wronged her.

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