NEW DELHI, India – Due to food safety scare caused by reported high lead levels found on packets of Nestle instant noodles in two states in India, the product was banned for 15 days. According to the health minister of New Delhi, the company should replace tens of thousands of the products sold in the country. Since the products went through standard checks and procedures, the company should replace them with new stocks.

Nestle Noodles Ban in New Delhi because of Lead Result
Because of the news, stores across the country have voluntarily removed the said products. The high lead levels of products were found in packets in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and it has become a concern of stores nationwide including those that are owned by Future Group which is the largest retailer in the country. For the mean time, according to the Future Group, it has removed the product on its 500 stores. This will be until there will be results of the tests that is conducted in entire India.
For the moment, Nestle India is not giving its comments on the issue despite the fact that Delhi government officials summoned it earlier on Wednesday saying that excessive lead intake may destroy the kidney and nervous system.

The country is still waiting for further results on the tests and the explanation of Nestle India on this. Noodles are popular food in India and it is consumed by people from different walks of life - whether you are a consumer of foods on the streets, restaurants, or at home.

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