The most popular house in the Philippines will once again open its door to several individuals to show themselves to the public by staying inside of it for a certain period of time. In the end, only one of them is hailed the Big Winner.

Seven official housemates of PBB 737 is to be revealed from June 15 – 19 on different ABS-CBN programs such as It’s Showtime, TV Patrol, and Aquino & Abunda Tonight. The show will kick off on June 20, 2015. Host Bianca Gonzalez said that PBB 737 is made up of different personalities plus twists. This is something to look forward to.

Official List of Pinoy Big Brother 737 Leaked Online
An issue went out regarding the leak of the names of the housemates online a week before the start of the show. The names of the housemates according to the leaked information are as follows:

Bailey May – Bailey is a 12-year old half Filipino – half British.
Barbie Concine Imperial – Barbie is a model from Albay.
Jack Albert Reid – Jack is the brother of James Reid.
Look! Official List of Pinoy Big Brother 737 Leaked Online
Other names include Erika Rabara, Thomas Franco Rodriguez, Julijo Pisk, Zonia Mejia, Edward Kyle Secades, Ann B. Mateo, Jelle Balbuena, Gerry Morales Jr., and Kyle Vergara.

Because of what happened, the netizens expressed their opinions regarding the management of the show’s criteria in choosing the residents of the PBB house since they are good looking and it is more of like searching for an actor and actress.
We will be giving you more information soon regarding the official list of housemates once it has already been verified.

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