A 6-year-old child died due to alleged bullying in Alicia, Isabela. Mika is a Grade 1 pupil who happened to go to her older sister’s classroom when she was waylaid by a Grade 3 student and bumped her head twice last June 4.

After what happened, Mika experienced headache and vomiting until she died on Thursday. Until now, the alleged student who hurt Mika did not attend class.

Investigation going on for the Alleged Death of a 6-Year-Old Child due to Bullying
It was found out that there was no one to watch over the Grade 1 students that time since their teacher went home for lunch. Because of this, the schools district supervisor issued a law wherein the teachers’ going home in order to avoid leaving the children unattended.

Meanwhile, investigation is going on regarding the death of the pupil since it is stated on her death certificate that her death is due to tetanus.
The issue on bullying is something that schools are waging war with. Schools nowadays are looking forward to stopping this activity as it affects the studies of the victims.

We cannot still conclude whether the death of Mika is due to bullying or tetanus. We look forward for the case to be resolved and if there is a bullying involved in this, we do hope that the schools will strengthen their campaigns regarding bullying. It should be stopped before it stops the victims.

In behalf of the staff of this site, we extend our condolences to the family of the Grade 1 pupil.

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