Another amazing innovation in Japan is expected to hit the market this September. This is a human-shaped cusion with cellphone holder called the Hugvie cusion. The cellphone holder is placed on the head of the cusion and according to the developers (Kyhoto Nishikawa Co., Toyobo Co., and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International), and   it will give the user the feeling of being close to others while using it since it is made of human skin-like materials.

Human-shaped Cusions with Cellphone Holders in Japan Expected to Hit the Market
Hiroshi Ishiguro said that according to his research, human beings can feel the presence of others more strongly if two or more senses are engaged, such as hearing and touch. He is a professor of robotics at Osaka University. He further said that marketing of these products will be more on child-care facilities and nursing homes for the aged.

The product when released will be given price according to size. The suggested retail price for the regular sized (80cm x 55 cm) is 10,800 yen which is approximately equivalent to $87. There is also a children version of the product which has lower price compared to the regular sized. The price would be 8,640 yen. The difference between the regular sized and the children’s version is that the children’s version doesn’t have a cellphone holder.

This product is open for further innovations in the future as the developers are considering the possibility of the cusions to hold conversation with the user. Sounds exciting! We shall look forward to that innovation.

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