Postal ID, just like NBI Clearance, is considered as one of the easiest ID to acquire with minimal requirements. It used to be laminated and can easily be faked, which prompted PhilPost to finally change the traditional Postal ID into a plastic card, laminated and hardbound.

Now that it has a new form, it can now be accepted in banks and various offices and agencies like any other Government Issued IDs. It has electronic features like your ATM card and still valid for three years. It is still easy to avail and can be delivered at your home.

How to get the New Postal ID
Every Filipino can apply for the Postal ID as long as they are eligible. Even foreigners can have one if they had been staying in the country for six months.

The new Postal ID is useful when doing transaction with a bank, a remittance shop, in hospitals and other offices. IDs are also required when you board a plane and Postal ID can ba handy in this situation too. It is not secret that many are having a hard time to transact as they lack a valid ID.

Getting the Postal ID does not require you have a special skill or qualification. All you need to have are NSO of Local Civil Registrar certified birth certificate and a proof of address like an electric bill, barangay clearance or other utility bills. Make sure that you have the original and a photocopy.

Are Minors allowed to get Postal ID?

Those minors who want to get a postal ID can also do so if they are accompanied by their guardians or parents. If you are a married female, bring your marriage contract to validate your birth certificate.

Also, do not forget to bring a fee of P414.00. This is a fixed fee for those who also want their ID to be delivered.

Go to the nearest post office and submit the requirements. Fill in the application form correctly. You can either download the form and print it or get one in the post office. Once they finish validating your information, make sure that you are photographed and you finger prints are scanned.

Latest News: National ID System in Philippines Approved by House Committee

If you prefer it to be delivered to the address you provided, be reminded that you will have to wait for days. Those in Metro Manila can receive their in just 5 days. Those in major cities and municipalities have to wait 7 days, while the rest has to wait 15 days.

Soon, paper based Postal ID will not be produced anymore. If you still have an old valid postal ID, you can have a discount. Visit your PhilPost and have your ID reissued with a discount.

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