The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) website was defaced by Filipino hackers on June 12, Independence Day. The hackers who identified themselves as members of Pinoy Vendetta, Anonymous Rizal, Magdalo Cyber Army and Ghost Security Hackers, left a message for President Aquino on the homepage of the said site.

The website was defaced twice. On the first hack, the hackers left a message written in Filipino and on the second, it was replaced by a message in English. The message talks about questioning the president’s ability to bring positive change in the country’s current situation.

Government Website Defaced Twice by Hackers with a Message Left for President Aquino
Included in the message is a greeting to the president followed by a reminder of the length of his term consumed which is already 5 years. The hackers are also questioning the president regarding the economic situation, issues on corruption, and justice for the Fallen44 soldiers.

Defacing of government websites both by foreign and Filipino hackers is a common activity done in order to send message to the officials and to call the public’s attention for protest against corruption. There is a news reported in 2013 wherein 30 government websites were defaced by the famous Anonymous Philippines. It was the time when the issue on pork barrel scam was the talk of the town. Anonymous Philippines called for the scrapping of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Showing protests is not just done in terms of rallying on public places, it can also happen online. And this is an example.

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