John David Pahoyo and John Elmerson Fabriga competed on the 3-meter springboard diving finals at the OCBC Aquatic Center in Singapore scored zero on Diver 4. This is after they both landed on their backs. A video of their performance captured went viral that embarrassed the two, but instead of being sorrowful about it, they stayed positive, in fact, Pahoyo laughed about his experience. Pahoyo claimed that he is not the first athlete who experienced the same thing.

Watch Filipino Divers in Painful Landing During the SEA Games
When the video went viral on Facebook, Pahoyo left a comment saying “This was not the first time I failed a dive, and I was not the first one who did so. And I am still proud because not all of us has the privilege to represent our own country [in a] big sporting event like this.”

Pahoyo’s positive thinking is evident also on his claim that his flop served as an inspiration to many people. Though there are so many people who were inspired by what happened, there are some who made fun of it by creating memes. The athletes received also encouragements from some commentators telling them to do better the next time. The two athletes considered representing the country in SEA Games an honor.
As of now, the video continues to go viral, in fact, it has been featured in the news. Whenever the video is posted or shared, it is always noted as a painful landing. Though this is so, we are still proud of the two divers.

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