A man brutalizing a child had been caught on CCTV, and now it had gone viral on Facebook as it sparked rage from the netizens.

In the short recorded video a small boy was seen sweeping the wide side walk as people pass by not noticing him. Suddenly a man in black jacket came over the boy and kick him hard. The boy immediately fell on the ground, but the man did was not satisfied. He kicked the boy’s face with full force as the boy failed his attempt to escape.

Caught on CCTV Man brutalizing a child had Gone Viral
The poor boy was unable to escape his assailant. The man was still not yet satisfied and even took the broom and hit the boy with it. Then, he grabbed the dustpan and hit the boy’s head with full force. Unfortunately, passersby did not even lofted a finger to intervene in the evident abuse.

It was when some people went ut of a nearby shop to stop the man. The man tried to casually escape by walking away but the other guys from the shop ran after him and beat him.

anak yata ng demonyo ang lalaking ito..grabe manlumo ako sa ginagawa nya sa bata..halos patayin na nya yung bata..dapat...
Posted by Tropang OFW Tambayan on Saturday, May 9, 2015

People seemed to hesitate if they will move the boy but another man picked him up and took him to the hospital.

Netizens express their uproar and said that the man who had kicked the boy seemed to be a devil. Many suggested how they must deal with him, while others expressed sympathy to the child who had received too much brutality.

It is not clear which country the incident took place but it seemed that it happened on May 4, 2015 as seen in the CCTV footage.

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