A Chinese woman braved the province of Yulin in China to save dogs from the controversial dog meat festival held every year. Yang Xiaoyun had been saving up her money to buy dogs which are in line for slaughter.

The 65 year old Chinese is a dog lover and she plans to buy as much dogs as she could from the traders to rescue them from being cooked. She had saved around 50,000 Yuan (£5,000) and did not mind the 1,652 miles travel from her place n Tianjin to Yulin where the dog meat festival is held every year.

Brave Chinese Woman Brought Dogs to Save From Yulin Festival #Stopyulin2015
Yang plans to head to Guangxi and meet the dog traders who sell live dogs for the festival. The said gruesome festival had started since 2010 and slaughters aroung 10,000 dogs each year in a matter of days.

Many dogs don’t even reach the place of the festival alive. They die in the journey with starvation, shock and dehydration. Those who are still alive are beaten or killed by slitting their throats.

Despite the fact that the mass transportation and the festival itself had increased the risk of rabies in the province and nearby places, the festival is still about to push through. Guangxi where the dog meat festival is held had the most number of rabies incident. There had been 338 deaths from 2002 to 2006.
Brave Chinese Woman Brought Dogs to Save From Yulin Festival #Stopyulin2015
Around 20 million dog are slaughtered in China to be eaten each year. The residents believe that the dog meat will protect them from the diseases and evil spirits. Men also believe that it revitalizes their sexual performance.

In Yulin, it is common to see dogs being sold in the market. Many are already dead and chopped. Yang tries to buy the dogs before they are killed. She had started campaigning against such animal cruelty since 1995 and last year she was able to save 360 dogs with 150,000 Yuan (£15,178).

She now has around 3000 dogs and continues to campaign against the festival by starting up a vegetarian restaurant and dog breed centers. She wants to share the love she has for the dogs.

Local authorities claimed that they had condemned the festival and warned the resident against selling dogs in the market. However, there are some hearsays that the festival will still push through.

The photos of the animal cruelty in the festival had circulated over the internet and caused mass uproar from the netizens all over the world. Humane Society International had put up an online petition against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Other netizens encourage people to share photos of the poor dogs in the slaughter houses and in the market to create public awareness.

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