The ‘Bilibid 19” has developed creative ways to sneak in cell phones inside the NBI detention facility after 10 cell phones and other communication gadgets were seized by NBI through a random inspection. The NBI officers found out that the gadgets were kept in areas that are not easily noticed by someone such as a water cooler’s compartment, bottom of a cooking tool, and even inside the sole of shoes and slippers. The sneaking in of communication devices tested the security of the National Bureau of Investigation.

Discover the Creative Ways to Sneak In Cell Phones to Bilibid 19
Because of what happened, NBI’s security measure is heightened and a lot of inspections are being conducted. Bilibid 19 is made up of high profile inmates who came from detention in the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa. They were transferred to the NBI detention center when their lavish lifestyle inside was discovered.

Chief of NBI-NCR Atty. Max Salvador said through a report in ABS-CBN that they need to outsmart the inmates since they are trying to outsmart the NBI. They will do their best in order to stop this kind of activity.
These are some of the creative ways on how inmates try to sneak in things inside the NBI detention facility. There were so many versions of this news in the past that really challenged the securities of our prisons. We look forward to a tighter security in order to promote safety both to the people inside and outside of the detention facility.

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