After being on hashtag trouble, ABS-CBN actress Isabelle Daza apologized to the people of Siquijor over the caption she put on her Instagram post that reads "We're here to insta! Lol #siquiWhores #dumagetiton.”

The caption called the attention of Vice Governor Dingdong Avanzado saying that Daza should clarify her post since it may affect the people of her province. Avanzado was concerned whether the caption describes them on the photo or is it directed to the people of the said province. Avanzado posted, "Before jumping into conclusions, I would like to hear directly from Ms. Daza whether the offensive term #siquiWhores is a description of herself and her companion or a judgment to my beloved people of Siquijor.

Actress Isabelle Daza Apologizes over #siquiwhores Hashtag
Avanzado added on her post that as Vice Governor of the province, he was worried about the damage that the post can do to the Siquijodnons.

On Monday, Avanzado issued a statement regarding the issue. He said that the post pertains to her companions and she apologized to the people of Siquijor. The Vice Governor then urged the people to accept her apology.

Avanzado also challenged the netizens and the people of Siquijor to move on and focus on more important issues in the society today.

As of now, Daza’s controversial post is still on her Instagram account. She then posted a photo of the book she was reading entitled “Brand Aid” by Larry Line and Patrick Sitkins with a caption, "How ironic is it that I'm reading this book right now?"

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