El Gamma Penumbra brought home the title of Asia’s Got Talent on May 14, 2015 in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands after weeks showing off their talent as a shadow play group.

The group hailed from Batangas, Philippines won against eight other contenders in the grand finals. Philippines is the only country to have more than one act to get into the finals. For days, some netizens shared that Filipino votes might be divided due to having multiple acts to vote for, yet it was El Gamma Penumbra who rose to victory.

Watch El Gamma Penumbra Brought Home the Title of Asia’s Got Talent 2015
The final episode of Asia’s Got Talent, hosted by Filipino hosts Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson, had been filled with excitement and suspense when the top three had been announced.

El Gamma Penumbra’s Marvin Marfa shared the group’s feelings moments before the most awaited announcement. He thanked God for the talent the group was able to share to all and he also shared their gratitude for the AGT for the chance they had been given and for the inspiration the judges had given to them. Finally, he dedicated the group’s journey to all the Filipinos around the globe thanked them for the support before hailing the Philippines,
Mongolia’s traditional music ensemble, Khusugtun, placed second while Filipina classical singer Gerphil Flores was third.

Both Filipino contenders in Top 3 were also golden acts in the earlier part f the competition, the chance given by the judges to their chosen acts to automatically give them a spot in semifinals.

Other Filipino acts in the finals, the dance group Junior New System and young singer Gwyneth Dorado also received standing ovation in their final acts.

A few days before finals episode El Gamma Penumbra’ s Marfa shared that whatever happens in the finals, they will gladly accept it as they are all satisfied with their final performance. The group had hoped that a Filipino act will win the title for the first time.

Flores was in tears after hearing the announcement that she had placed third in the competition. David Foster, one of the judges and the one who had given her the golden buzzer, went to her on stage to comfort her. AGT hosts assured the viewers that the competition won’t be the last show for Flores.

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