Pinoy Viral Videos had uploaded a video that created uproar among the netizens. In the 50- second video, a woman can be seen throwing a baby on a bed a couple of times.

The baby seemed to be younger than six months and its cry was deafening, yet the woman seemed to enjoy what she was doing with the baby. She flip the baby and roughly handled the child without any care or remorse on her face.

Video of Two Woman Shaking Baby on a Bed Goes Viral
The another woman, the one taking the video, is heard giggling and seemed to enjoy what she was seeing. The woman flipped the baby just by holding its feet or arm and the baby will tumble on the bed with a loud cry.

UPDATE po para sa kaalaman ng lahat. Sa malaysia dw po ito nangyari.pero Kawawa parin yung baby kahit ibang lahi pa to! :( KAKAINIS! Ingat po sa taong pinagkakatiwalaan ng baby ninyo.Sana maturuan to ng leksyon ang dalawang babaeng to!
Posted by Pinoy Viral Videos on Monday, May 18, 2015

According to the admin of Pinoy Viral Videos, the video was recorded in Malaysia and reminded people to carefully choose the person you will leave your child with. It is unclear if one of the women is the baby’s mother. The actual date the video was taken is also not verified.

The video was posted on May18, 2015 and within hours, it had been viewed almost 300,000 times and was shared more than 18 thousand time on Facebook.

Netizens shared that such a thing was unacceptable, especially that the baby was already crying loudly. Many shared their hate on the women and wished bad things on them. Others cursed the women and shared that the baby could have sustained some injuries like concussion and ‘shaking baby syndrome’.

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