Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris decided to publicly show up on Billboard Music Awards as the newest powerhouse couple. They haven’t publicly confirmed their relationship, but through out the awards night, the two had been sweet and close to each other.

Fans had been swooned by how Harris held Swift in his arms every time she goes to get an award. Taylor Swift had recently premiered her newest music video ‘Bad Blood’ and it was one of the most anticipated part of the night. Some say that after the video was played, Harris kissed Swift and told her how amazing she is and even told her he loves her. It was indeed a special night as Taylor Swift not only seemed blooming and inspires , but she also bagged eight awards.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris PDA on Billboard Music Awards
Photos of her in white shiny cutout jumpsuit hugging tight Harris had circulated over the internet, making many conclude that Taylor Swift had finally found her Mr. Right. With their PDA, many said that it seemed to be a confirmation of their relationship. According to HollywoodLife, it was Harris who initiated the PDA, while Swift is still adapting to it.
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris PDA on Billboard Music Awards
Photos of after BBMA party had also circulated as it had a snapshot of the couple kissing each other behind their group of friends. According to Eonline’s source, the couple had met during the Brit Awards in London last February and they seemed to instantly have an attraction to each other.

They soon met up in Harris’ private house in Beverly Hills away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Weeks later, the two were seen in matching outfits, shopping for groceries and even watched a concert together while holding hands.

Taylor Swifts had gone through a string of heartbreaking relationships and even used snippets of the heartbreak for her songs. The fans of the ‘Blank Space’ singer hope that she will finally be happy with the world famous DJ.

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