Spanish Court had detained a man after he allegedly tried to pay a teenager to smuggle his eight-year-old son in a suitcase into Europe. The boy was tried to be secretly smuggled from Morocco when they were intercepted in the Spanish border.

The boy named Abou was discovered in the suitcase of a 19 year old lady in Cueta. The police reported that the boy was found in a terrible state the boy was actually from the Ivory Coast and the woman was paid by the boy’s father to get the lad across the borders.

Spanish Civil Guard was Shocked when they See a Boy in Suitcase
According to El Pais, a Spanish newspaper, the woman was not related with the boy she was trying to smuggle. The father currently lives in Canary Islands and hoped to make a way to be reunited with his son.

The police said that the woman acted unsure and hesitant, which prompted them to be suspicious. At first, the security thought she was trying to smuggle drug packages but after the suitcase went through the scanner, they were shocked to see a boy inside.

After one hour and a half, the father went to the border after his son, where he was detained by the border guards of Cueta, North Africa.

The boy was curled up inside the suitcase when he was discovered through the scanner. According to the spokesman of Guardia Civil, Alfonso Cruzado, he had been in the service for a long time but the incident was still quite bizarre for him. The attempt to smuggle the child in the briefcase was grotesque, and it was something he had never expected.

The woman and the father were both detained, but the father was not given any chance to  post bail due to human trafficking offence. Illegal migration has proved to be a long time challenged in the integral borders of Spain.

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