Prince William and wife Kate Middleton finally showed their princess to the crowd outside the St. Mary's Hospital in London last May 2. Spectators and well-wishers cheered as the Duchess of Cambridge held her daughter in her arms beside the beaming Prince William.

Kate Middleton was wearing a yellow and white floral dress while Prince Williams was sporting a blue sweater over a white collared shirt. They haven’t announced the name of the princess yet, but the crowd was excited all the same just to get the first view of the baby.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Finally Showed their Princess to the Crowd
The baby was bundled in white shawl. According to Us Weekly, it was created by GH Hurt and Son Ltd, a company that had been in connection with the royal family for a long time. The said fabric had seemingly been part of the tradition as other babies in the royal family in the past had been presented with similar fabric. Even Prince George and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, had similar shawls.

The princess weighing 8 pounds and 3 ounces, had met her brother, Prince George Alexander Louis at St. Mary’s who was wearing a matching blue just like their father.

Prince George who is currently the third in line of the throne, bumping aside Prince Harry, had been also publicly shown for the first time on July, 23, 2013.

Prince Charles, their grandfather and the first in line of the throne had visited the princess in the hospital together with the Middleton family. Prince Harry is yet to see his niece in person but shared in social media that he is excited to see her soon as she is a beautiful baby.

The royal couple had met in 2001 in St. Andrews in Scotland and got engaged in 2010. Many had gone to London just to see their Royal wedding. Kate Middleton is said to be currently the most watched royal figure by the people.

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