Mich Liggayu, part of the sensational YouTube tandem JaMich, finally broke her silence on the allegations of Jam Sebastian’s mother, Maricar Sebastian. It had been around two months since Jam passed away and rumors started to sprout on his girlfriend’s intentions.

Liggayu shared her side of the story in GMA’s showbiz talk show, Startalk, on May 2, 2015. She said that if ever she had a misunderstanding with Jam’s mother, it was very minimal. After Jam’s funeral, she even went out to dinner with Jam’s family.

In the previous interview with Maricar Sebastian in the same show, Liggayu was accused of not giving Jam’s share to his family. Mrs. Sebastian even said that Liggayu changed Jam’s social media accounts where they are earning from YouTube.

Mich Liggayu Finally Spoke up about the Allegations of Jam Sebastian’s Mother
Liggayu explained that she was never interested with the money they had been earning. Jam was the one doing the financial part of the job. She was hands off when it comes to money. The Facebook page was hacked according to her.

Mrs. Sebastian also said that when Jam decided to move in with Liggayu, the mother asked Mich not to take away her son, but the two still lived in together. Liggayu clarified that was Jam’s idea that they should live together. It was for their job as they need to be together most of the time.

Liggayu also shared that her relationship with Jam spanned for seven years. The first three years had been challenging since we was a college student while Jam was unemployed. She had fought for their love. When she moved in with Jam, she said that she sacrificed her time for her family just to be with him.

Liggayu even shared that she had done a lot of sacrifices for Jam, including the moments when he got sick and had to be confined in the hospital. She admitted that she was hurt when his ex-girlfriend came by the hospital, but it was not a major misunderstanding.

She even clarified that Neo Domingo, the budding artist she was linked with lately, is just a friend.

Jam Sebastian passed away last March 4 after his fight against lung cancer. Speculations and rumors swirled around his girlfriend after his funeral. The couple, JaMich became a YouTube sensation after they made a short film about their love story.

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