Esquire Philippines had recently named ABS-CBN’s TV News reporter, Karen Davila as the Sexiest Woman Alive in the May 2015 issue. Davila graced the front covers of Esquire showing her initial reaction upon knowing that she was named as the sexiest woman by the magazine.

The photo shows Davila in a simple smart looking black top. In the photo taken by BJ Pascual, her head rested on her right hand as she laughs, showing her reaction with the said news.

Esquire:Karen Davila as the Sexiest Woman Alive
Davila shared to Esquire that as she grows up, she knew and believed that she is beautiful. She had worked hard in her personality abd worked harder than other girls to be more articulated. She knew that physical aspect will not give her the cut of her dreams, making her work even harder.

Upon knowing that she was chosen with such honor, Davila took to Twitter and shared that the honor is for the all the working and smart women. It is to celebrate empowered women. She even shared that sexy is now redefined as intelligence.

Previously named sexiest women include Solenn Heusaff, Iza Calzado and Heart Evangelista. Davila also shared to the magazine personal views on her work, sexiness and even about sex.

The 40 year old broadcaster journalist is married with another broadcaster, DJ Sta Ana. She also shared that the satisfaction of having children had been fulfilling in various levels. A different bond of love is created.

The journalist also shared that a leader of the country does not need active sex life to be a great leader. Self sacrifice is what makes the difference.

The Esquire’s May 2015 issue will also include an interview with  director Antoinette Jadone of That Thing Called Tadhana, a profile of Manny Villar and  Imelda Marcos’ private Malacañan disco.

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