Rubik’s Cube had become as one of the most popular toy puzzle in the globe after it was introduced decades ago and a teenager had recently been the best conqueror of this puzzle. Collin Burns completed the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube in just 5.25 seconds, successfully grabbing the world record.

In an official Rubik's Cube event held in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, , the newest US national 'speedcubing' champion was able to be 0.3 faster than the previous record.

Guinness World Records of Rubik’s Cube Breaks in just 5.25 Seconds by American Teenager
In the video posted online, Burns had been flicking the cube with dexterity while he was surrounded by other teenagers who are also part of the event. They had been chatting in the background and completing their own puzzles as part of the World Cube Association (WCA) meeting while Burns concentrated in his cube. Spinning the tiles of the cube, he dropped the puzzle as soon as he had completed it. The Rubik’s Cube fell on the pressure sensor, stopping the clock at 5.25 seconds.
As soon as the others realized what had just happened, they gathered around Burns with excitement. The previous world record was by Dutchman Mats Valk with 5.55 seconds. It was evident on Burns’ face that he was also surprised with the record and he smile broke when it had sunk in.

The rest of the crowd patted him at the back. A WCA representative had confirmed that the teenager had broken the record for 3x3x3 with all applied rules.

Rubik’s Cube was created by architecture professor Erno Rubik in 1974 as part of his strategy to teach his students about spatial relationships in an interesting way. It took him a month to solve the first prototype. The cube had been patented in Hungary and had begun a craze. Soon, in 1980, the world caught on the craze and millions had been sold since.

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